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Fine Indian Cuisine

India is a country full of striking contrasts; this is evident not only in its cuisine, but also in its climate, geography, culture and customs. The vastness of the country, together with its great regional diversity, is the main factor that places Indian cuisine in its unique and interesting position in the culinary history of the world. Indian food reflects the colorful and varied life led by its people as well as the external and internal influences that have shaped its particular style of cooking.

The Mughals, a regal race of Muslims, invaded India from their traditional homeland in Afghanistan and the Middle East, bringing with them exotic spices and dried fruits and nuts, which they combined with milk and cram to concoct rich "Mughlai" dishes. These are among the finest in Indian regional cuisine.



1.     Vegetable Samosa (2 Pieces)    


        Crisp pastry with potatoes & peas, deep fried
2.     Vegetable Pakora 5.95

        Crisp, deep fried vegetable fritters

3.     Onion Bhaji 5.95
        Plain savory onion fritters, delicately spiced

4.     Paneer Pakora

        Indian cream cheese fritters, subtly spiced
5.     Alu Chaat 4.95
        A potato delicately tossed with spices, Tamarind chutney & lemon
6.     Chicken Chaat 5.95
        Boneless chicken breast with spices, Tamarind chutney & lemon
7.     Chicken Pakora 6.95
        Mildly spiced boneless chicken breast fritters
8.     Tandoori Wings 7.95

        Chicken wings marinated & baked in clay oven (dry or in tomato sauce)

9.     Meat Samosa (2 Pieces) 5.95
        Crisp pasty with ground lamb & spices, deep-fried
10.   Assorted Platter 8.95

         A balanced mix of vegetarian & non-vegetarian appetizer's

11.   Dal Soup 4.95
         A protein rich spicy lentil soup
12.   Tomato Soup 4.95
         Fresh tomato soup with herbs & spices
13.   Mulligtawny Soup 5.95
         Chicken soup, herbs & spices

14.   Jewel Salad 5.95
         Mixed vegetables with mayonnaise & spice dressing
15.   Onion Salad 4.95
         A popular Indian salad with onions, tomatoes, jalapeños & spices
16.   Katchumber Salad 4.95
         Green salad with house dressing

We prepare each dish individually, you can order it spiced, mild, medium, or hot.
We serve only swordfish or Mahi-Mahi fish.


Tandoor is an earthware pot (clay oven) which is about four feet deep, it is fired and heated with charcoal. Any meat cooked in a clay oven is called Tandoori. Tandoori is also used to bake fresh breads. Baked-to-ordered in a clay oven over mesquite charcoal, after marinating in yogurt, garlic, ginger, herbs and spices.

All Tandoori dishes are served with vegetables.

17.   Tandoori Chicken 13.95
         Chicken marinated with spices and roasted on skewers
18.   Chicken Ticca 14.95
         Boneless strips of chicken breast marinated with spices & roasted
19.   Seenkh Kebab 14.95
         Minced Lamb mixed with onion & spices and roasted on skewers
20.    Lamb Boti Kebab 15.95

         Boneless chunks of mildly spices lamb, marinated & roasted on skewers

21.   Shrimp Tandoori 19.95
         Choice shrimp marinated and roasted
22.   Fish Tandoori 17.95
         Fillet of fish marinated in herbs and spices & grilled
23.   Tandoori Mixed Grill 22.95
         A selective mix of Tandoori chicken, lamb, shrimp & fish

Chicken Curries

24.   Chicken Curry 13.95
         A spicy chicken curry.
25.   Chicken Vindaloo 13.95
         Chicken cooked with potatoes in hot spicy gravy.
26.   Karahi Murg 13.95
         Chicken cooked with tomatoes, double cooked onions and fresh bell peppers
27.   Chicken Korma 14.95
         Chicken in a cream sauce with almonds, cashews & raisins.
28.   Coconut Chicken 14.95
         Chicken cooked in a deliciously flavored coconut sauce.
29.   Chicken Ticca Masala 14.95
         Boneless tandoori chicken diced and cooked in a sauce with herbs
30.   Chicken Saag 13.95
         Boneless chicken in a spinach sauce.
31.   Chicken Ticca Saag 14.95
         Boneless tandoori chicken diced and cooked in a spinach sauce
32.   Chicken Madras 13.95
         Chicken cooked with a blend of hot spices
33.   Chicken Dansk 13.95
         Chicken cooked with lentils & spices.
34.   Chicken Khumbwala 13.95
         Chicken cooked with mushrooms, green peas, onions & spices


Lamb Curries  
35.    Lamb Rogan Josh 14.95
         Traditional lamb curry
36.    Lamb Vindaloo 14.95
         Lamb cooked with potatoes in hot, spicy gravy
37.   Karahi Gosht 14.95
         Lamb cooked with tomatoes, double cooked onions and fresh bell peppers
38.   Lamb Korma 15.95
         Lamb cooked in a cream sauce with almonds, cashews and raisins
39.   Coconut Lamb 15.95
         Boneless lamb cooked in a delicately flavored coconut
40.    Lamb Boti Masala 15.95
         Boneless tandoori lamb cooked in a delicately spiced sauce
41.    Lamb Saag 14.95
         Lamb cooked in spinach sauce
42.    Lamb Boti Saag 15.95
         Boneless tandoori lamb cooked in a spinach and cream sauce
43.    Lamb Madras 14.95
         Lamb cooked with a blend of hot spices
44.    Lamb Dansk 14.95
          Lamb cooked with lentils and spices
45.    Lamb Kumbawala 14.95
         Lamb cooked with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and spices

Seafood Curries  
46.   Shrimp Curry 15.95
         Shrimp cooked in a flavorful gravy
47.   Shrimp Vindaloo 15.95
         Shrimp cooked with potatoes in a hot, spicy curry
48.    Karahi Shrimp 16.95
         Shrimp cooked with tomatoes, double cooked onions and fresh bell peppers
49.    Shrimp Korma 16.95
         Shrimp cooked in a cream sauce with almonds, cashews and raisins
50.    Coconut Shrimp Curry 16.95
         Choice shrimp cooked in a coconut flavored sauce
51.   Shrimp Ticca Masala 19.95
         Tandoori shirmp cooked in a delightfully flavored sauce
52.    Shrimp Saag 16.95
         Shrimp cooked in a spinach and tomato sauce
53.   Fish Curry 15.95
         A spicy fish curry
54.   Fish Vindaloo 15.95
         Fish cooked with potatoes in a spicy curry
55.   Karahi Machi 16.95
         Fish cooked with tomatoes, double cooked onions and fresh bell peppers
56.   Fish Korma 16.95
         Fish cooked in a cream sauce with almonds, cashews and raisins
57.   Coconut Fish Curry 16.95
         Fish cooked in a special coconut curry with herbs
58.   Tandoori Fish Masala 18.95
         Tandoori fish cooked in a delightfully flavored sauce
59.   Fish Saag 16.95
         Fish cooked with spinach and herbs

Special Recommendations


60.    Badshah 17.95
Tandoori lamb, tandorri chicken breast & tandorri shrimp cooked in a special sauce and herbs
61.    Mamtaj 16.95
Tandoori lamb and tandoori shrimp cooked in a special sauce with bell peppers and herbs
62.    Shah Jahan 16.95
Boneless tandoori chicken breast and tandoori shrimp cooked in a special sauce with bell peppers and herbs
63.    Begum Bahar 14.95
Ground lamb cooked with onions, herbs, spices, and topped with chicken curry and egg
64.    Chicken Makhani 14.95
 Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in a delightfully flavored sauce
65.    Special Egg Curry 11.95
Choice hardboiled eggs cooked to perfection in an enticingly spiced sauce
66.    Keema Mattar 14.95
 Ground lamb cooked with peas and special spices
67.    Patiala Shahi 15.95
Boneless tandorri chicken ticca breast pieces cooked with jalapenos, onion, tomato and spices

Combination Thalis

Non-Vegetarian Thali 68.Non-Vegetarian Thali 23.95
A dinner for one includes appetizer, Tandoori and Curry preparations (lamb, chicken and vegetables), bread, dessert, coffee or tea
69.  Seafood Thali


A dinner for one with a variety of seafood preparations, appetizer, bread, dessert, coffee of tea
70. Vegetarian Thali


A vegetarian dinner for one, includes samosa, dal, vegetable korma, saag paneer, rice, raita, bread, dessert, coffee or tea
71.  Jewel Thali (For Two) 43.95 Vegetarian Thali
Three course dinner for two includes appetizer, chicken and lamb, vegetable, bread, dessert, coffee or tea  
72.  Punjabi Thali 37.95
A vegetarian dinner for two, includes appetizer, a variety of vegetarian preparations, bread, dessert, coffee or tea

Vegetarian Specialties

Over the centuries, India has been known as the cradle of vegetarianism.
A selection of more popular dishes are included below.
73.   Vegetable Korma 12.95
         Mixed vegetables cooked in cream, nuts & spices

74.  Saag Paneer
Spinach cooked with homemade cheese, in  cream & spices

75.  Aloo Gobi
Cauliflower and potato cooked with herbs and spices


76.   Mattar Paneer 12.95
         Green peas cooked with homemade cheese in mild gravy
77.   Aloo Mattar 10.95
         Potatoes cooked with peas & spices
78.   Bengan Bharta 12.95
         Tandoori eggplant cooked with onion, tomato & spices
79.   Bhindi Masala 12.95
         Okra cooked with onion, tomatoes & spices
80.   Dal Makhani 11.95
         Lentils cooked with garlic, ginger, spices & cream
81.   Aloo Saag 11.95
         Potatoes cooked with spinach & spices
82.   Chana Masala 11.95
         Chick peas cooked with special masala sauce
83.    Paneer Masala 13.95
         Homemade cheese cooked in a flavorful sauce with herbs & spices
84.    Malai Kofta 12.95
         Mixed vegetables and cheese balls cooked in gravy sauce
85.    Pakora Curry 11.95
         Special fritters cooked in a yogurt based sauce with spices
86.    Mushroom Curry 12.95
         Fresh mushrooms cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices
87.    Bombay Aloo 13.95
          Potatoes cooked with spices and special curry sauce
88.    Aloo Chhole 10.95
          Potatoes cooked with chick peas & spices
89.    Dal Saag 11.95
          Lentils cooked with spinach & spices
90.    Chana Saag 11.95
          Chick peas cooked with spinach & spices
91.    Tarka Dal 11.95
          Yellow lentils cooked with special tarka sauce
92.    Shahi Paneer 13.95
          Homemade cheese cooked with cashews, raisins & flavorful sauce
93.    Mixed Vegetable Curry 11.95
         Fresh vegetable cooked in a special curry sauce

Jewel Biryanis

Aromatic Basmati Rice from India, cooked with meat or vegetables,
delicately spiced including saffron, almonds, raisins and decorated with egg.
94.   Vegetable Biryani 12.95
95.   Chicken Biryani 14.95
95.   Lamb Biryani 15.95
96.   Shrimp Biryani 16.95
98.   Combination Biryani (Lamb, Shrimp, Chicken & Vegetable) 16.95

Children's special orders


Chicken Korma 1


Tandoori Chicken


Chicken Ticca

Lamb Boti Kabab 7.95
Vegetable Korma 6.95
Finger Chips 2.95

Baked-to-order oven hot-breads
Fresh bread baked in a clay oven, Indian breads are unique unto themselves
99.     Naan 2.25
           Popular Indian-style leavened brefad of fine flour
100.     Butter Naan 2.95
           Multi-layered butter naan
101.   Garlic Naan 3.25
           Naan with a subtle touch of garlic
102.   Mint Naan 3.25
           Naan with a subtle touch of mint
103.   Roti 2.75
           Whole-wheat flour traditional bread
104.   Paratha 3.25
           Multi-layered buttered, whole wheat bread
105.   Alu Paratha 3.75
           Paratha stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes & onions
106.   Gobhi Paratha 3.75
           Paratha stuffed with grated cauliflower & spices
107.   Keema Naan 3.95
           Leavened bread stuffed with ground lamb
108.   Onion Kulcha 3.25
           Naan bread stuffed with onions & spices
109.   Cheese Naan 3.25
           Naan bread stuffed with cheese
110.   Puri 2.95
           Puffed bread, deep fried
111.   Aloo Naan 3.25
           Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes
112.   Kabli Naan 3.95
           Naan stuffed with coconut, raisins & cherry
113.   Variety of Bread 9.95
           An assortment of Alu paratha, onion kulcha, and garlic naan

Side Orders & Condiments
114.    Papadam (2) 2.95
115.    Raita 2.95
116.    Plain Yogurt 2.95
117.    Achar (Indian Pickles) 2.95
118.    Mango Chutney 2.95
119.    Dal 6.95
120.    Vegetable Korma 7.95
121.    Saag Paneer 7.95
122.    Basmati Rice 3.95
123.    Peas Pulao 7.95
Basmati rice cooked with green peas, nuts & spices

124.   Kheer 3.95
           A very popular rice pudding with almonds & raisins
125.   Gulab Jarnun 3.95
           Milk Balls in syrup and rosewater
126.   Kulfi 3.95
           An Indian ice cream, available in mango, pista, or chocolate
127.   Gajjar Halwa 3.95
           A grated carrot pudding with raisins and nuts
128.   Ras Malai


           Indian cream cheese balls in double cream with pistachio
129.   Mango Custard


           Mixed fruits with mango puree & cream

Soft Drink 2.50
Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Lemonade, etc
Coffee 2.50
Regular or Decaffeinated
Herbal Tea 2.50
Masala Chai 3.25
A special spiced hot tea brewed with herbs and spices.
Due to the cost of the spices we can only offer one or two refills for free
Iced Tea 2.50
A Cardamom Flavored Variation
Juice 2.95
Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple, Mango, Apple
Bottled Water 2.50
Mineral / Sparkling  
Iced Chai 3.25
A special spiced Chai  

Fruit lassi
These are special drinks prepared with yogurt and fruit
Sweet Lassi 3.95
Strawberry Lassi 3.95
Salt Lassi 3.95
Pineapple Lassi 3.95
Mango Lassi 3.95

Bombay 6.50
Bombay Gin with lime juice and a splash of soda
Delhi 6.50
Baccardi Rum and pineapple juice with a dash of lime
Calcutta 6.50
Absolut Vodka with cranberry juice and lime
Mangorita 7.50
Tequila, triplesec and mango puree
Captain Mango 6.50
Captain Morgan Rum with mango Lassi
Madras 6.50
Stolichnaya Vodka with mango juice